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___Non-injection Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn about the amazing new painless method of allergy testing and treatment that doesn't require shots!

___Medical Microscopy
New advances in diagnostic tools allows patients to view a drop of their own live blood on a video monitor.

___Rebuilding and Restoring Health Through Naturopathic Medicine
How Naturopathic Medicine as practiced in our office can help you and your family.

FREE Informational Articles

___The Last Word: Thyroid and PMS
Learn how an improperly functioning thyroid can affect many health problems including PMS.

___Basal Temperature Thyroid Function Test
A simple and accurate method developed by Dr. Broda Barnes for at home testing of your thyroid function.

___Low Thyroid- Is It Sapping Your Energy?
Learn how a simple thyroid test might help you identify the cause of numerous physical problems.


___Neutralization of Phenolic (Aromatic) Food Compounds in General Practice
Dr. Abram Ber's outstanding paper on new allergy treatment methods (used by our office) that are painless and do not require shots!

___Breakthroughs in the Diagnosis and Treatment Of Allergies and Related Conditions A report on new information about allergies, thyroid problems, and yeast infections.

___Aspirin-Is It Really Safe?
Considered a "safe" drug by many people, aspirin can cause serious problems for others. This report describes conditions and the type of people who should consider avoiding aspirin.

___Pesticide Poisoning and Chemical Sensitivities
Toxic chemicals seem to be everywhere! This flyer might help you recognize physical problems possibly caused by chemical sensitivities.

___Toxic Carpet How the "outgassing" of new carpets could poison you and your family. A technological horror story.

___An Open Letter About Candida and Thyroid
Many physical problems can be traced to candida infections and improper thyroid functioning.

___Fighting Mandatory Ritalin In the Schools
Schools and parents are at odds over the use of Ritalin. What are a parents rights with this controversial drug?

___What's Wrong With Our Baby?
A baby nearly dies due to an intolerance to gluten, a protein found in several common grains.

___Aspartame (Nutrasweet)- How "Safe" Is It?
Serious problems can be caused by this common sugar substitute as reported by H.J. Roberts, M.D.

___MSG (Monosodium glutamate) - Is It Safe?
Revealing information about MSG and why millions of people are allergic to this common food additive.

___Common Symptoms of Hidden Food Allergies
An array of symptoms directly caused by some foods.


___Enzyme Deficiency - A Key to Disease Prevention
The importance of eating proper amounts of food rich in enzymes instead of sterile, non-enzymatic food is discussed by Ron Rendleman (Bestways Magazine).

___Dr. Edward Howell: A Man With an Urgent Message
Advances in enzymatic research by Dr. Howell is discussed and suggestions offered on how to improve your life through proper enzyme dieting (Bestways Magazine).


___Low Back Pain - A National Epidemic
If you have back pain you are not alone! Learn about alternatives to non-emergency surgery for back pain.

___Chronic and Neck-Shoulder Pain A discussion of the causes of shoulder pain along with new methods of treatment including at-home therapy.


___Anatomy of Cigarette Smoke
Cigarette smoke has been classified as a Class A carcinogen because both primary and secondary smoke can cause cancer! Learn what chemicals invade the body when a person smokes or inhales someone else's smoke.

___What Can Hair Analysis Reveal?
Hair follicles are the body's storehouse for many minerals. This article reveals those minerals and what they can tell you about your physical condition.


___PMS ... A Treatable Problem
PMS is real and it can be treated. Learn how to identify the symptoms of PMS and what can be done to treat it!

___Dr. Bob Sklovsky's Radio Schedule
A current list of the radio talk shows on which Dr. Bob is a guest every month.

___Naturopathic Medicine
A report on the education requirements of a Naturopathic Physician and how, in some cases, it exceeds those of many prestigious medical schools.



Helping You Overcome Health Problems Through Naturopathic Medicine

This special tape set discusses some common physical ailments and how our practice has helped people overcome many of them. Included are five of Dr. Bob's radio programs where he is joined by internationally known health experts:


 5 Health CD Set: $45.00

Postage Paid for Shipping within the U.S.A.


Program 1: Low Thyroid: The Unsuspected Illness
     (Dr. Sklovsky with Broda Barnes, M.D.)
Program 2: Helping Women Overcome Health Problems
     (Dr. Sklovsky with Katharina Dalton, M.D.)
Program 3: Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities
     (Dr. Sklovsky with Abram Ber, M.D.)
Program 4: The Yeast Connection (Candidiasis)
     (Dr. Sklovsky with William Crook, M.D.)
Program 5: How To Recognize Common Signs and Symptoms of Allergies
     (Dr. Sklovsky with Doris Rapp, M.D.)
Program 6: MSG & Aspartame: How Safe Are They?
     (Dr. Sklovsky and H.J. Roberts, M.D.)
Program 7: Patients Speak Out
     (Dr. Sklovsky and call in discussions)
Program 8: Christine's Story: One Patient's Journey
     (Dr. Sklovsky with patients who had PMS)

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