Chapter 8

Treating Causes, NOT Symptoms

Simply stated, pain is the body's way of telling you something is wrong.

Our goal is to relieve the causes of pain not just the symptoms.

Many of the causes of common painful conditions are unique to the female body. For example, hormonal imbalances related to PMS or menopausal conditions, candidiasis, allergies and low thyroid can cause or aggravate neck and back pain, arthritis, joint pain and/or muscle cramping.

Many of the causes of common painful
conditions are unique to a woman's body.

In turn, painful PMS related conditions can be aggravated by chronic negative stresses including those caused by the challenges and responsibilities of modern life and imbalanced daily living habits.

A woman's health can also be jeopardized by certain activities of daily living (or the lack of activity). Carrying a purse, a child or groceries on one side of the body over a prolonged time can cause spinal and musculature imbalances. These imbalances can cause pain between the shoulder blades; neck and lower back pain; and numbness, tingling and pain down the arms and legs.

A lack of exercise and stretching, poor muscle tone and poor posture can also result in pain and stiffness. Maintaining the same posture or position for many hours or doing repetitive movements or motions can cause tendonitis, sprains, strains, or discomfort in the joints.

For example, driving in one position for many hours can cause back and neck pain. Hammering or repetitive wrist motions can cause a very painful condition called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Improper sleeping habits and using an improper pillow can cause neck and shoulder pain. Physical problems caused by a previous injury can be reactivated by a whole host of physical maladies including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (degenerative joint disease).

Taking the proper type and amount of calcium and making sure the calcium can be absorbed properly is essential for maintaining good, strong bones.

Our clinic can help you learn which form of calcium (as well as other nutrients) are best for you. We can also help formulate a nutritional and dietary program that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

After obtaining your case history, performing a physical examination, testing for nutritional and other imbalances, the physician can often reveal the actual causes of many painful conditions.

In many cases, the physician must discover and treat pre-existing conditions as well as the hormonal imbalances, recognizing that the body functions as an integrated system.

It should also be recognized that chronic anxiety, stress and tension can build up in soft tissues of the body over time. These factors can make muscles feel hard, tight, knotty and tender to the touch. Chronic coffee drinking and high sugar intake can cause overstimulation and make matters worse.

Try pressing gently on someone's shoulders after they have been doing clerical work, data entry, typing, reception work, housework or other activities that could cause high stress. Gently pressing can cause shoulder or neck pain sometimes with pain down the arms or even headaches. If a person feels this pain, it is an indication that they should consider treatment.

Eventually, the combination of chronic tension without the benefit of stretching, exercise or emotional outlet can cause skeletal muscle pain and spinal misalignment. This problem can also hinder sufficient nerve impulses to the body's organs causing them to function at partial efficiency. Impaired absorption, digestion, and elimination as well as many other conditions discussed in this manual can be triggered or made worse by chronic tension.

Muscle cramping, chronic neck, shoulder and lowback pain caused by chronic stress can bring about injury and arthritis pain in later life.

It is the author's opinion that pain can be caused by many factors in varying degrees or combinations among three main groupings: physical, emotional or biochemical causes.

After helping you discover the cause of the pain, the physician should offer gentle, soothing treatments, natural medicines and home care programs to help alleviate pain thus restoring healthy structure and function, and putting control of your life back into your own hands.

Today's woman should be encouraged to know that the majority of their problems are treatable by Naturopathic Medical practices. Relief can be obtained without undesirable side effects or surgery. This approach of strengthening the body by using natural methods to rebuild and restore health is the true essence of Naturopathic Medicine.

That their is hope is echoed by the phrase repeated by many of our patients...

"This month really has been better!"

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