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Introduction To Health Care

In today's contemporary society, more women than ever before not only want to understand how their bodies function, but also want to know how to alleviate the pain and suffering that, for many, have plagued them for much of their lives.

Many patients come to our practice with stories of different excuses given to them about their problems including:

  1. The "psychosomatic" excuses:
    "Your physical problems are not real"
    or   "It's all in your head"

  2. The "incurable" excuse: "No help is available for your condition"

  3. The "I don't know how to deal with it" excuses: "You will just have to live with it"
    or   "It's just part of getting old"

A difficult, unsuspected or unrecognized diagnosis, in the case of women's problems, can result in years of unnecessary suffering and frustration.

Our clinic has helped thousands of women including mothers, grandmothers and many diverse professional and business women including nurses, teachers, flight attendants, banking and corporate executives from virtually all walks of life who previously faced similar frustrations.

Naturopathic medicine has become increasingly important in the lifestyles of people Who recognize the value of natural healing versus the constant ingestion of synthetic (chemical) prescription drugs many of which often cause more problems than they solve.

This website may also be used as an introductory teaching tool for all who want to learn a more natural approach to healing. It represents a brief overview of some of the most advanced medical and naturopathic medical breakthroughs over the last decade.

As more physicians are trained in diverse aspects of the healing arts, the author feels they will be better equipped to serve their patients. I have attempted to bring to the reader some of the landmark discoveries and contributions made by some of the most innovative physicians and scientists of the past decade.

My deep appreciation goes to: Abe Arkoff, Ph.D.;  Broda Barnes, M.D. Ph.D.; John Bastyr, N.D.; Abram Ber, M.D.; William Crook, M.D.; R.M. Finley, N.D., D.C.; Robert Gardner, Ph.D.; Paul Kenyon, N.D.; Howard F. Loomis Jr.,D.C.; Laurie Marzell, N.D.; Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.; Robert T. Oshiro, N.D.; Ray Peat, Ph.D.; Ronald Pion, M.D.; Doris Rapp, M.D.; Ian Reid, Ph.D.; Richard Renn, D.O.; Gary Ryder, M.D.; Alan P. Simpkins, Ph.D.; W.J. Sittner, M.D.; William Turska, N.D.; Alvin O. Uhle, M.D.; Don C. Walker, N.D., D.C.: and Ralph R. Weiss, N.D., D.C.. It has been a great honor to have received personal instruction and guidance from them.

Special recognition and thanks should also be given to Katharina Dalton, M.D. for her pioneering research on Natural Progesterone therapy. In addition, this website is a tribute to my many women patients who, through generous and open sharing of their knowledge, experience, suffering, and joy, have helped me develop a better understanding of their feelings and concerns.

Together, we have learned how to deal with and help many difficult cases and have discovered new methods and therapies for the treatment of female problems both minor and advanced. It is very gratifying to integrate our experience and discoveries with those of my patients and colleagues to offer you the knowledge that, indeed:

"Next month can be better!"

I extend special thanks to Kenneth A. Manske and Lee R. Dreyer for help in compiling and editing the information used in this website.