There are many syndromes that overlap in these two syndromes. It has been my clinical experience that people who suffer from food allergies or chemically induced allergies, low thyroid, chronic yeast infections, epstein barr virus(EBV), mononucleosis and hypoglycemia also manifest many similar symptoms that occur in CFS and FMS. These symptoms include (but are not limited to) fatigue, headaches, muscle and joint pain,gastrointestinal problems, allergies/chemical sensitivities and flu like symptoms and menstrual/hormonal problems.

Taking this into account, at our office, the treatment for CFS and FMS is markedly similar, acknowledging specific diagnostic parameters indicated for thyroid, blood sugar and EBV and mononucleosis and other conditions.

People can and do get better from all of these conditions. All roads lead to the immune system. By taking a thorough history, which means taking the time to talk to the patient, finding out what their specific needs and concerns are and what he or she thinks might have triggered the onset of the first symptoms (if known) and by taking a very thorough history; a lot of important diagnostic clues usually surface which help in the formulation of a specific, individualized treatment plan. This ultimately leads to strengthening the patient's immune system of vital force or self recuperative capacity otherwise known as rebuilding and restoring health.

The beauty of naturopathic medicine is that we employ natural and safe treatments that when given together in a conservative and judicious way help to strengthen the immune system from many directions without the side effects that synthetic drugs can cause. Do not assume that your medical doctor knows these treatments. Allopathic (medical) doctors are trained primarily in the use of synthetic drugs and surgery. Naturopathic physicians are experts in the area of natural medicines.

I believe that people can benefit from the best that both fields of medicine have to offer. I treat many people who also see allopathic (medical) doctors for many conditions. My goal is to help the patient in every way that I can.

Chapter 1 : PMS ..A Treatable Problem