Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Fibromyalgia Syndrome

    Chapter 1: PMS..A Treatable Problem   

        What is PMS?
        What are the symptoms of PMS?

            Table 1: Common PMS Symptoms

        How many women have PMS?
        How can I find out if I have PMS?
        What causes or contributes to PMS?

            Table 2: Aggravators of PMS

        What can be done about PMS?
        What is Endometriosis and how does it react to Estrogen?
        Some Facts About Estrogen

  Chapter 2: Candidiasis ... The Yeast Infections       
        What is Candidiasis?
        What can cause a yeast infection?
        Can Candidiasis be treated?

            Table 3: Partial List of Yeast-connected Illnesses

  Chapter 3: Allergies, Environmental & Chemical Sensitivities,and Asthma      

        What causes allergies and chemical sensitivities?
        What is the relationship between allergies and asthma?
        Do I have to restrict my diet to avoid allergies?
        What are some of the symptoms of allergies?
        Are there ways I can tell if my child has allergies?

            Table 4: Common Symptoms of Hidden Food Allergies

        How can allergies be treated painlessly?

  Chapter 4: Low Thyroid... The Unsuspected Illness    

        How can the thyroid affect my health?
        What is the relationship between the thyroid and heart attacks?
        Basal temperature test for determining low thyroid
        What are the symptoms of low thyroid production?

            Table 5: Common Symptoms of an Improperly Functioning Thyroid

        How does low thyroid affect susceptibility to infections?
        Can a standard blood test indicate a thyroid problem?
        What are the relationships between thyroid and reproductive organs?
        What are some effects of hypothyroidism in children?
        What are some of the other benefits of proper thyroid dosages?
        How does estrogen affect hypothyroidism?                

  Chapter 5: Menopause       Are menopausal symptoms just an extension of PMS?
        Facts you should know about the use of estrogen

Chapter 6: Hypoglycemia 
   What is hypoglycemia and what causes it?
        What is the best way to ingest sugars?
        How can I tell if I have hypoglycemia?
        How is hypoglycemia related to hypothyroidism?

            Table 6.- Common complaints reported by some
        people suffering from hypoglycemia

        What tests can reveal hypoglycemia?

  Chapter 7: Stress--Turning Stress Into Strengths     

    What can be done about stress?
        * Counseling and Effective Communication
        * Physical and Physiotherapies Help Reduce Stress
        * Light Therapy (Phototherapy)
        * Serotonin
        How does stress affect the digestive process, organ
        and hormone function and proper nutrition?

           An Open Letter about Stress from Robert J. Sklovsky, Pharm.D.,N.D.,P.C.

        Also see Chapter 10

  Chapter 8: Pain --- Treating Causes, Not Symptoms
                 Also see Chapter 10,14
    Chapter 9: Natural Hormone Replacement
        Basic Information about Estrogen, Natural Hormones, and Office Policy
        Some Reasons for Excess Estrogen
        Some of the Possible Side Effects of Estrogen
        Reducing Cancer Risk with Estriol
        An Estriol Myth and Misconception Explained
        Some of Natural Progesterone's Many Roles
        The Misconceptions of Bio Identical Hormones 

    Chapter 10: Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMFT)

        Some of the Conditions Treated by PEFMT
        Electromagnetic Energy and Health
        Electromagnetic Processes in the Body
       	PEMFT in Practice
       	Behind Electromagnetic Fields
       	The Difference Between Permanent Magnets and PEMFT
       	What Causes Pain?
       	How it Works
       	How it is Administered
   Chapter 11: Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA)
        Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA) - Arterial (Circulation) Testing (Preventive Medicine)
        Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA) - Heart Rate Variability (Preventive Medicine)
        For more information, download and listen to the June 4th 2007 Radio Broadcast 
        Featuring DPA & HRV   
   Chapter 12: Osteoporosis Screening At Our Office   
        Using Ultrasound instead of X-ray Radiation
        Radiation-Based Technologies
        Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS)
        How Precise Is Omnisense?
        How Well Can A Measurement At The Wrist Predict The Risk Of Fracture Of The Hip Or Spine?
        What is Being Measured With Omnisense?
        Other Factors That Are Important In The Understanding Of Osteoporosis
   Chapter 13: The Problems With High Fructose Corn Syrup
   Chapter 14: Medical Laser Therapy (K-Laser)  
        Thermal Imaging Guided Laser Therapy
        Some Of The Applications And Uses Of Medical Laser Light Therapy:
        Biological Effects Of Medical Laser Light Therapy
   Chapter 15: The Genetically Modified Food Controversy: 
        June 1,2009 radio show featuring Jeffery M. Smith, the author of "Seeds Of Deception, Exposing Industry and Government Lies About The
        Safety Of The Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating" and "Genetic Roulette,The Documented Health Risks Of Genetically Engineered Foods".
        Learn about genetically modified foods and the health problems and implications these "tampered foods" may cause.
   Chapter 16: Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA)
        Understanding your body Bio-Impedance Analysis results
   Chapter 17: Neurocare: Indications and Uses  
         Neurocare is a brand name neuromuscular electrical stimulator.  Dr. Sklovsky has been trained in the use of Neurocare by it's inventor Tom Oliver,
         and uses Neurocare in his practice for the FDA listed indications that fit into his particular practice.  For educational purposes, the major 
         indications and uses for Neurocare are listed when you click on the chapter heading.
              For more information on this subject, you can download Dr. Bob's Radio Show on Neurocare by clicking Here.
   Chapter 18 Nitric Oxide: Uses and Benefits in Human Health
          Is it possible that taking nitric oxide (in Dr. Bryan patented delivery system, which is the only authentic nitric oxide delivery system that
          consistently works over time) can help to:
                 Lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and inflammation
                 Lower cholesterol and arterial plaque
                 Lower the risk of Alzheimer disease, kidney disease and glaucoma
                 Strength the immune systems and increase the endogenous product of our own stem cells to hasten the healing process
                 Relieve arthritis and painful conditions
                 Relieve asthma and COPD
                 Relieve stress and lower depression levels
                 Relieve insomnia, stomach ulcers and erectile dysfunction
                 Increase longevity
                 Improve many of the body systems and processes

    The Nitric Oxide Solution by Nathan Bryan PhD and Janet Zand, OMD.
    Beet the Odds by Nathan Bryan, PhD and Carolyn Pierini, CLS (ASCP), CNC.
    Broadcast 10/31/14:Nitric Oxide: Uses and Benefits,Dr. Nathan Bryan, PhD and Dr. Robert Sklovsky, Pharm. D., N.D.
    Dr. Sklovsky is trained by Dr. Bryan�s office to prescribe the nitric oxide program to his patients. To become a patient, call our office, 503-654-3938.
           For more information on this subject, you can download Dr. Bob's Radio Show on Nitric Oxide by clicking Here.
     Chapter 19 Heart Sound Recorder