Rylee and Lindey Shockey


Rylee Shockey - Daughter


Lindsey Shockey - Mother


Lindsey, Rylee's mother, was concerned about her four year old daughter's pain.

Rylee: "Before I saw Dr. Bob, my stomach was hurting."

Lindsey: "It had been going on for about a year.  She would have to go lay down, especially after meals."

Rylee: "I had to go lay down on the couch."

Lindsey: "We just couldn't get any answers and so we decided to go see Dr. Bob.  Dr. Bob tested her for allergies.  We found out that she had a whole bunch of them.  He started giving her treatments for those and we have just noticed her getting progressively better.  She has got a lot more energy and her stomach aches have pretty much gone away completely.  We are really, really pleased with that.  I would recommend Dr. Bob because he keeps digging for answers; he keeps trying."

Rylee: "He helps people and he has a good prize box."


Rylee and Lindsey Shockey,

Keizer, Oregon