Debbie Ridley


"Before I saw Dr. Bob, I had a lot of stomach issues, a lot of stomach problems and pain.  My stomach was all swollen and I was very, very tired all of the time.  I went to five other doctors; I went to a couple of specialists.  They did absolutely nothing for me.  I was so disappointed that I was telling my aunt about it.  She said I know this lady, my friend, she works right up the street from you, which was Terri that works for Dr. Bob.  She got me right in.  Since seeing Dr. Bob, I feel great.  No more stomach problems or issues.  I have lots of energy; I am not tired at all anymore.  The swollenness in my stomach is gone, he has helped me tremendously.  I would definitely recommend him."


Debbie Ridley,

Eagle Creek, Oregon