"Before seeing Dr. Bob, I was feeling really tired.  I could not sleep at night.  I had already seen two specialists in the Portland area and they couldn't seem to help me.  Since seeing Dr. Bob, I am feeling much better.  I am not feeling as tired.  I am really excited that he has been able to help me.  Every time I have a visit with him, he always has positive information and is always helping me along.  Dr. Bob is the only doctor I have seen that has taken the time to actually ask about me.  I have spent so much money on other doctors.  This is just wonderful.  I am so thankful."


Ricci Hatch

Newberg, Oregon



"Before I took my son to Dr. Bob, whenever he ate any breads, drank milk, or had any dairy products, he became aggressive, had extreme headaches, and was irritable and restless.  Dr. Bob did a hair analysis, which showed he was low in calcium and deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals and he had elevated toxic metal levels.  Since seeing Dr. Bob he is so much better.  He can focus clearly.  His school work is very much improved.  He is more patient and kind.  Now he will hold my hand and appreciate the hugs."


Ricci Hatch Speaking About her Son

Newberg, Oregon