Ralph Locke


"I hit my knee on a piece of farm machinery and it scared me - really it hurt so bad and I couldn't go up and down stairs without turning and going down on the good leg.  I didn't know whether I should go to a chiropractor or what to do, so I came to see Dr. Bob.  I asked him and he said "I think I can make some headway".  Dr. Bob's concept is if you go to a doctor they are going to give you pills or chemicals and he wants to see why you are hurting.  Dr. Bob has worked with the manufacturer of the machine (Neurocare) and it is electrical stimulus, and what they try to do is they get your muscles strengthened or evened up and now my knee has lost the pain out of it.  I think we have made a lot of headway on it.  Dr. Bob wants to see results."


Ralph Locke,

Portland, Oregon


For more information, Please click on the link below to download the October 1st, 2012 radio show which discusses the benefits of Neurocare.