Tom Oliver is the inventor of the Neurocare unit for relief from painful body conditions, muscle spasms, sprains, strains, carpal tunnel, and more as listed on this website, www.drBobND.com/Neurocare.htm.

"I am Tom Oliver.  With Neurocare, we increase circulation in the microcapillary areas that have been deprived of circulation because of disuse, disease, injury, things like that."

"My name is Debbie Oliver.  Any athletic or auto or anything like this where you have been injured, we can put the muscles back into balance."

Tom and Debbie added, " This is where Dr. Bob is so good.  He is interested in what is causing the problem.  Treatments are available by contacting Dr. Bob's office."


Tom and Debbie Oliver,

Salem, Oregon


For more information, Please click on the link below to download the October 1st, 2012 radio show which discusses the benefits of Neurocare.