Nora and Jodi


�My seven year old daughter Jodi had asthma since the age of two and needed breathing treatments once a week.  She had to be placed on a nebulizer and I had to carry an inhaler with me at all times, even when Jodi was on prescription drugs for the asthma.  I tried many options, but Jodi still needed her nebulizer and inhaler.  The thought of my seven year old daughter on prescription medicine for a very long time really concerned me.  Then, I heard about Dr. Bob Sklovsky.  He said that a lot of asthma cases were really caused by allergies. Dr. Bob allergy tested Jodi and with Dr. Bob's help, Jodi no longer needs her nebulizer or inhaler and is off her asthma medication.  Now she can go outside and play and do everything else a little seven year old girl loves to do...Thanks to Dr. Bob Sklovsky."

Nora speaking about her seven year old daughter, Jodi

Portland, Oregon