Kinsey Hewitt


"Before seeing Dr. Bob I had trouble sleeping.  I couldn't get to sleep and I had trouble staying asleep.  I had really bad leg cramps.  I had stomach aches almost every day.  I was getting sick every two weeks.  After seeing Dr. Bob, my sleeping improved immensely.  I get to sleep at a good time and I stay asleep.  Also my stomach aches have disappeared, I don't have them anymore.  My life after seeing Dr. Bob is a lot better.  My outgoing personality is back and I am doing so much better in school and even with my friends."

Kinsey Hewitt, Age 15

Aloha, Oregon


"What I noticed was her energy level was very low, she complained about being tired all of the time, she would catch a cold or flu every two to three weeks, she was clearing her throat all of the time to the point that it was almost driving us all nuts around the house.  Two weeks after seeing Dr. Bob, I could see Kinsey's energy level coming back.  She is a dancer, so I could see she had a little bit more energy to dance.  Her old personality was coming back.  It's been really nice for our family."

Tandy Hewitt, Speaking about her daughter Kinsey

Aloha, Oregon