Karen Johnson


"Before I saw Dr. Bob, I had fatigue.  I had one virus after another, fuzzy thinking, and poor digestion.  I felt like life was a challenge almost every day.  Thanks to Dr. Bob, I feel a renewed enthusiasm for daily living.  I have mental and physical stamina.  I have good digestion.  I wake up rested and excited for the day.  My family and friends ask me "What are you doing Karen, you look so good?"  I tell them I have been working with Dr. Bob and it has made a world of difference.

Since seeing Dr. Bob, I have recommended Dr. Bob to my friends and family.  Dr. Bob is so knowledgeable that he will help you improve your state of health.  I would also like to add that Dr. Bob's staff is consistently kind, patient, highly trained and very professional.  A visit to Dr. Bob's office is a very wonderful, safe, and life enhancing experience."


Karen Johnson,

Vancouver, Washington