Nada and Elijah Gavrilovic


"Before seeing Dr. Bob, I was feeling very tired and had no appetite.  At my first visit I noticed there was something very special in the way Dr. Bob treated his patients.  It was different than other doctors.  He asked me questions about why I came to visit him and what my problems were.  I appreciated Dr. Bob listening to me and understanding my problems and helping explain things to me."




"Before my wife came to see Dr. Bob, her health started to go down.  She was tired but could not sleep.  She was in quite bad shape.  I told her she better make an appointment with Dr. Bob.  I am very happy she listened to me and made an appointment with Dr. Bob.  Dr. Bob helped her a lot and now she is doing very well.  I would recommend Dr. Bob to anyone, a friend or a neighbor.  I am very happy."




Nada and Elijah Gavrilovic,

Silverton, Oregon