Erin and Austin

�I�ve (Erin) been a nurse for the past ten years � an allergy and asthma being a major component of my nursing history. My son (Austin) was suffering, with asthma and allergies chronically and traditional medicine wasn�t working. He was on lots of steroids, he always had trouble breathing, and then the allergies starting in.  He was sick all the time.  He looked awful.  His cheeks, his eyes � everyone constantly asked, what�s wrong with him?  It was extremely hard for him to enjoy any activities as a child. Dr. Bob allergy tested Austin and we were blown away by how many things he was allergic to.  His face completely changed; his allergy eye shiners went away.  And then he went from not being able to sit still, to watching entire movies, playing with toys, reading an entire book.� 

�Thank you, Dr. Bob!�  (Austin)




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