Tom Croft


"My job involves using a computer and using a mouse for several hours a day.  After a few hours my wrist would become extremely stiff and sore.  In more recent months, I started getting pains that would radiate up my forearm toward my elbow.  Since I saw Dr. Bob, I received three laser treatments and I no longer suffer from the chronic pain.  I am now able to spend several hours a day on the computer and I am pain free.  The stiffness in my wrist has all gone away.  Dr. Bob uses new technology that you probably won't hear of or see in most other places.  This treatment is completely painless and provides amazing results."


Tom Croft,

Portland, Oregon


To download Dr. Bob's Radio show that discusses this topic, click the following link:

May 3rd, 2010 Radio Show Discussing The Healing Effects Of The K-Laser